Makana Ranch House a place to savor the bounty and gifts of Hawaii.
3574 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu Hawaii 96816
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Makana Ranch House a place to connect with food, culture and the story of our connections. Makana, meaning gift, we hope to share with you the gifts and bounty of Hawaii.

Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii
Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii
Ignacio Fleishour
Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii

Locally Sourced

The 90/80 model, 90% of our food is sourced from Hawaii, 80% from Oahu where the belief is that the freshest, best foods for you are closest to your backyard.

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I ola no ke kino i ka mā’ona o ka ‘ōpū. The body enjoys health when the stomach is well filled.

Hawaiian Mana'o

Ike aku, ‘ike mai. Kōkua aku, kōkua mai. Pēlā ka nohona ‘ohana. Watch, observe. Help others and accept help. That is the family way.

Hawaiian Mana'o

Ua ola loko i ke aloha—he alii ka la’i, he ha Ku’ulani na. Life is an echo—what you give out comes back.

Hawaiian Mana'o

Samples from Our Menu

Freshly sourced ingredients from local farmers,  hunters and gatherers.

Hunter's Board
$ 20.00

Venison Pâté, Corned Venison, Smoked Bison, Smoked Ahi, Herbed Cheese, Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Housemade Jelly and Crostini

Apache Stew
$ 10.00

Chopped venison, sautéed with local herbs, hominy, cactus, peppers, chile verde and tomatillos, served over hapa rice, topped with lime, onions and cilantro

$ 12.00

Sicilian style Bolognese made with venison, spicy Italian style pua'a, house made marinara, cooked for over 4 hours, served on organic rigatoni, topped with parmesan and basil

Venison Tacos
$ 10.00

3 Venison Tacos with family spices, sautéed then soaked and finished with orange juice and lime, served over cabbage in a tortilla, sprinkled with lime, onions, cilantro, and a spicy garlic mole aioli

Venison Rack
$ 22.00

Chocolate spicy crusted rack roasted and served over cassava mash with chimichurri sauce and sautéed kale and greens

Surf and Turf
$ 22.00

Roasted Organic Kunoa Beef, Olena sautéed opah, spicy ginger prawn served with kalo/ulu/uala hash and sautéed greens

Pork Sliders
$ 10.00

Organic Pua'a smoked in banana leaves for 12 hours, then pulled and shredded with tender loving paws, served on poi or lilikoi buns, topped with caramelized onions, house made spicy papaya barbecue sauce and green onions

Duck Prosciutto Sandwich
$ 10.00

Duck Prosciutto thinly slices, brie, basil, fire roasted tomato on a french roll

Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii
Unique Ingredients

Manoomin, called wild rice outside the Ojibwe culture, has played a central role in tribal life. It has spiritual attributes, and its discovery is recorded in legends. Traditional methods used by the Ojibwe people to harvest manoomin are still used today.

Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii
healthy meals

We offer the only USDA Certified Molokai Venison sourced ethically, and prepared with local organic spices. All our meats are totally natural and healthy, free of hormones and antibiotics.

Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii

Our cooking is infused with local spices and flavor, such as with turmeric. A humble little root, 'olena was probably one of the two dozen or so plants brought to Hawai`i by early Polynesian settlers in their voyaging canoes.

Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii
Eating Well

Taro is an important food source for the Hawaiians, also considered as their sacred elder brother. It is a completely hypoallergenic, versatile, mineralized, satiating vibrant tuber with unique and starchy richness which we use to make into everything from pie, “burgers,” fries and also served as a smooth, purple-ish, creamy staple dish called “poi.”

Let us awaken your appetite!


Fresh from the farm, mountain and sea, we invite you to join us for an experience you are sure to savor.

Contact us by email at to make a reservation.



Speciality Items

Now available in store, the only USDA Hawaii venison from Molokai.

Venison that is Clean and Delicious!

Venison is good for you. We harvest it to control the population that has exploded on Molokai. Rather than just shooting and wasting the edible good healthy food we have worked hard to make it available to market. From lobbying in Washington and setting up procedures we have been able to be USDA Certified and the processing plant is also HACCP Certified.

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Choose from a selection of specialty meat items and local ingredients. Alternatively, you may choose from a selection of take home and eat delicacies for dinner such as Apache Stew, Paniolo Chili, Bolognese, Smoked Meats and other rotating specials as available by local food producers and Chef Iggy.

Specialty Meats

Venison Meats – Burger, sausage, steaks, French racks, ribs

Alternately, we will also have availability of local ethically grown and harvested grass fed beef, Kauai Bison, Quail, Goat, Lamb, Island Fish and Deep Sea Shrimp

'Ai Pono

We love to use local cultural items and prepare them with a refined worldly culinary flair.

You may select from items such a poi, kalo, uala, ulu, nioi, mamaki and olena and have them done traditionally or redone in dishes from Italy, Spain and Mexico. From time to time we will also have worldly native sourced products such as manoomin or wild rice from the Ojibwe nation still traditionally harvest by canoes and baskets.

Makana Catering

We invite you to enjoy our tremendously delicious recipes made from scratch every day especially for you. Fresh from the farm, mountain, and sea, we invite you to join us for a special gourmet catering event. Chef Ignacio has created comprehensive menu that is sure to satisfy any taste. You may also choose items from our sister site

Stay updated with us for specialty invite-only farm to table dinners where we work with craft vineyards and beer makers to create a dining experience like no other with majestic views of our secret ranch location overlooking the North Shore.

Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii

available for use

Available for use for private functions, community events and classes, we especially like to work with folks involved in making a difference in our community helping children, the environment, food sourcing and safety.

Also be in touch or on the lookout for updates on classes or food experiences we will make available to the public. Call (808) 838-9315 to reserve for your next event, meeting or party.


Stay Tuned

We are building a roster and schedule of classes and fun events for the community. Come back and visit our site to be up-dated on these as they become available.

Some of the classes offered will include butchering, culinary, sustainability, farming, hunting and talk-story time with guests.

Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii
Ho'ohuli Na'au

Our Chef

Chef Ignacio began his culinary endeavors at a young age, while hunting, camping, fishing as well as in the family farm cooking for family and ranch hands. Thus began a lifelong fascination with taste and cultural connections through foods. Gifted with the ability to create international dishes from around the world, Ignacio uses whatever products placed in front of him to create delectable dishes “Close to his Heart”.

More than Food
Makana Market and Deli
Play with your food

Favorite Recipes

Some of the chef’s favorite recipes are here for you to try at home.