Makana Ranch House a place to savor the bounty and gifts of Hawaii.
3574 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu Hawaii 96816
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'I'ike Ke Ao

Our Story

Envisioned, Inspired and Created by Chef Ignacio Fleishour, Makana Market and Deli is an homage and thank you to Hawaii and it’s bounty of foods.

Doing Things Right

Very simple philosophy, there are no shortcuts in getting the right flavors on the plate. Using simple fresh ingredients chopped by hand and not processed keeps the flavors wonderful and fresh. Treat every dish as if it were your family you were serving, ask yourself, would I serve my children this? Would I serve my grandparents this? How will what I put in my mouth affect them or my relations years from now? Then finish plating.


Local sources

Like in ancient days the best source of food is what was wild, closest to you, and as fresh as possible. If your food is coming from faraway think of how long it was at port there, at sea en-route, at port here, and at your store before you plated it. The healthiest food for you is the one you know, and have a relationship with. GET YOUR HANDS IN DIRT, GROW AND KNOW YOUR SOURCE.


Everything gets a Side of ALOHA

What we say, what we think, and what we do as we harvest, plant, care for, cut, cook and plate affects the the food and its spirit. All our food was living at some point, so we pray and fill our hearts and thoughts with Aloha. As such every order must be treated with Aloha, we do not know what sort of day you have had, or might have, we do not know where you will go next, or when you will eat again, so we will give to your our Aloha and hope that it brings you some joy through your day.

'Ho'ohuli Na'au

Our Chef

Chef Ignacio began his culinary endeavors at a young age, while hunting, camping, fishing as well as in the family farm cooking for family and ranch hands. Thus began a lifelong fascination with taste and cultural connections through foods. Gifted with the ability to create international dishes from around the world, Ignacio uses whatever products placed in front of him to create delectable dishes “Close to his Heart”.

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Makana Market and Deli
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Our Specialties


Simple fresh dishes are our specialty, favorite starters have to start with local small organic farm goodies. Or go all out with a Hunter’s board featuring a variety of local source meats.

Our main starters feature meats, fish and prawns all sourced locally and from ethically grown or harvested food producers, hunters, farmers and artisans.

We feature what was harvested wild in the mountains or from doing community service at farms or non-profits. Using local culturally relevant fruits and vegetables we create specialty desserts like ulu cookies, coconut sorbets, mango bread puddings, simple healthier alternatives is what we offer at Makana.

Makana Market and Deli, Hawaii