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Favorite wild dish


Favorite wild dish

Egg noodle, venison, wild mushrooms and parmesan.

Doesn't get better than this.

Use thinly sliced venison round, soaked with garlic, oregano and basil and white wine. Soak for 4 hours before using. When ready to cook, boil simple egg noodles until al dente, set aside. In sauce pan, lightly sprinkle olive oil, small pat of butter, fresh thinly sliced garlic and a small bit of finely chopped Italian parsley. Begin to cook, browning the butter. Add the venison and pre-chopped and washed wild mushrooms. Sautée for 4 minutes, add the noodles into the sauce pan allowing the juices and noodles to meld together. Serve on a plate. Top with a generous amount of parmesan. Enjoy by a fire side with a glass of wine and Pavarotti playing in the background.