Makana Ranch House a place to savor the bounty and gifts of Hawaii.
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Fresh.   Local.   Wild.

Fresh from the farm, mountain, and sea. A’i Pono means more than a restaurant and catering.

Our vision is to take care of the land and ocean while educating and doing right by culture and the spirit of place, as such we partner and work with different organizations to create a better tomorrow.

Living Life Source Foundation…

The Living Life Source Foundation was inspired and conceived by Professor Bruce Keaulani, the spiritual and knowledge descendant of Kaito Gakko, Professor David K. Nuuhiwa, Sr. Uncle David achieved world hero recognition throughout the martial arts community, legendary status in surfing, and mentoring youth in Native Hawaiian martial arts.

LLSF perpetuates peace and thanksgiving in all of nature’s living spirits by restoring Aloha Spirituality for all humanity and to alleviate world suffering and increase happiness. LLSF ministers to all people, spiritual beings, sacred lands and places through the legacies of Nu’uhiwa (Nu’u – to strive to the highest summits, and hiwa the sacred time of darkness in the early morning with our ancestors, and day time for the secular. LLSF embodies Hiwahiwa Keiki or the sacredness and preciousness of all children.

Captain’s Club Hawaii

The Course We’ve Charted (Our Mission)… “Enhance the child’s self image by learning and experiencing life at sea.”
Focusing on foster children ages 10 through 16, Captain’s Club recruits through numerous agencies in the community both private and State operated. Starting off as a team in an alien environment, each youth is on a level playing field. You can see excitement build on the faces of the Mates as dock lines are handed and quickly stowed. As the boat departs the slip, the helmsman (an assigned youth) is given the wheel with the Captain’s instructions, “Okay you have the helm, take us sailing.” Initial shock turns into “I can do this, I can really do this!”
As the boat maneuvers out of the harbor to the open sea under the watchful eyes of the captain and crew the rest of the mates jump to the commands, all hands to stations, bow to the wind, prepare to set sails, fair the halyards, ready all sheets, haul away the main, haul away the jib, make fast the lines. Helmsman, bring us to close-hauled on the port tack. The boat calms and settles on her course. The Mates combined sense of pride is palpable and their confidence gained is carried back onto land to help them steer through the next challenge these youth will face. These positive results have been witnessed repeatedly by guardians, parents, and social workers.

Kaito Gacko

Kaito Gakko was founded by Professor David Nuuhiwa many years ago. His training in the martial arts at a very young age developed into precise flowing techniques in the arts of Karate, Judo, and Jujtsu. In the years after World War II, Hawaii came alive with martial arts from Asia and the Pacific. Professor Nuuhiwa matured during this time in his training, and in the tradition of the old days traveled the world to master his developing art of what is known today as Nuuhiwa Ryu.

He studied under many masters in Asia and throughout the world, and fought in many competitions and matches. He retired with an undefeated record and earned the name Kaito Gakko.

Today there are only a small circle of students and schools that can lay claim to the teachings and techniques of Kaito Gakko – Nuuhiwa Ryu. This site is dedicated to promoting the very best of development of what Professor David Nuuhiwa left behind in the hearts of his faithful students. A unique archive by Kingsley Nuuhiwa on the history and life of Professor Nuuhiwa will be developed here at this site along, with a collection of Nuuhiwa Ryu techniques and teachings for new members and all those interested in learning.

Today the organization of Kaito Gakko is under the leadership of Professor Bruce Keaulani of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mohala Farms

The mission of Mohala Farms is to foster healthy local communities in Hawaii through sustainable agriculture, lifelong education and cultural & creative arts.

​Our work is grounded on the life-giving qualities of the land and a village-model of mutual cooperation and local self-sufficiency.

Albizia Project

The Hawaiian Islands are at the end of a very long global supply chain. The Albizia Project is exploring how we can shorten that chain to our own backyard. It is an exploration of invasive tree species and abundant resources for promoting a more sustainable built environment for the Hawaiian Islands.

Kokua Kalihi Valley

Molokai Wildlife Management

Our Mission is to preserve the islands through responsible land and wildlife management using modern and traditional cultural practices.

Bear Medicine Publishing

To preserve, publish and share native stories of values, spirit, medicine and ecology.

Makana Ranch House and Catering strives to make a difference in Hawaii beyond our plates and to walk the talk in sustainability and caring for our beautiful island home.

Remind us of our connection to the universe, the circle of life; of this earth we remain rooted and someday will return to its soil. Allow us to contemplate the labor and those whom we do not see who gave of their sweat, knowledge and time, planted, sowed, and those who hunted, speared and brought us all together to share at the table with our friends and neighbors. Fill us with blessings and to be of right thought to invite now and again the strangers in need so that we may bless them and forward them to bless themselves and others in living pono. Mahalo.

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